You might think, for example, that the first premise is not a correct understanding of what. Since eugenics is a bad thing, we should therefore not engage in genetic engineering! A reminder, restatement: as stated, as we have seen, as I have outlined in, as presented.


Young is a state of mind.

Our state of mind is to come up with fresh ideas. Most things have already been done. But all the fun is to recreate them anew. We don’t like to reinvent the wheel, but we love to see it roll.

We brand or re-brand companies, elaborate on marketing strategies (especially on the new media), design collaterals and communicate comercial messages through print ads, leaflets, brochures, corporate annual calendars, outdoor banners, multimedia applications.

We work on the information architecture for web sites, do the copy writing, shoot and film, design layouts for print and web, we read, we learn, have fun and get back to work. But most of all we like to picture ourselves as community builders.

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